Wordwide Uchinanchu Business Network (WUB)

Okinawan Chamber of Commerce

The Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Network (fka Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association) is an international, non-profit organization of business professionals and represents all sizes and types of business reflecting the diversity of our state global Okinawan community. We share a common vision to continue to find ways to help the Okinawan business community sustain, grow and expand on a global basis. We represent a global business community which gives WUB excellent credibility and broad opportunities on a worldwide stage.

In support of our mutual heritage and cultural legacy…Muru Uchinanchu! (Everyone is Uchinanchu!)

Established  in 1997, Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association (WUB Hawaii) is a non-profit organization of business professionals and individuals and is the chartered Okinawan Chamber of Commerce. Today, the WUB Network has more than 20 chapters throughout the world.

Our goals:

  • to represent our members and promote business opportunities on a global scale;
  • to inform and promote business opportunities and developments;
  • to enable our members to succeed on the stage of international business;
  • to help our children and grand children become better international citizens.

WUB History Timeline

  • 1993

Hawai’i Uchinanchu Business Group (HUB) estabilished;

1st HUB President and Founder: BOB Nakasone.

  • 1994

HUB volunteers for HUOA Okinawan Festival clean-up Gomi Gumi and countinues to present.

  • 1995

2nd Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival (Taikai), Okinawa.

HUB suggests forming a Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Network at Taikai Economic Forum.

  • 1996

Visit Peru’a 90-year Uchinanchu immigration anniversary to learn about Uchinanchu Worldwide.

  • 1997

East-West Center supports HUB networking project

HUB becomes Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association (WUB)

1st WUB International Conference sponsored by EWC, about 80 foreign participants attend

New chapters established: Hawai’i, Okinawa, Brazil, Argentina

1st WUB Hawai’i President: Roy Irei

  • 1998

2nd WUB International Conference, São Paulo, Brazil: 90-year anniversary for Brazil and Argentina immigration

New chapters established: Peru, North America

  • 1999

3rd WUB International Conference, Los Angeles/ Las Vegas

New chapters established: Tokyo, Guarm

  • 2000

4th WUB International Conference in Okinawa, prior to G-8 Summit in Okinawa

WUB to promote business networking in Okinawa with 10-year business plan.

New chapters established: Kansai, Europe, Bolivia

2nd WUB Hawai’i President: Steve Sombrero

  • 2001

3rd Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival (Taikai), Okinawa

WUB Hawai’i registers as Okinawan Chamber of Commerce

New chapters established: Canada, China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia

  • 2002

6th WUB International Conference, Bolivia

New chapters established: Mexico, Maui, Taiwan

  • 2003

7h WUB International Conference, Hawai’i

1th Worldwide Uchinanchu Conference (WUC) co-sponsored by HUOA and WUB Hawai’i.

WUB Hawai’i Travel Grant established for young Uchinanchu to attend 2008 WUC in Brazil

New chapter established: Philippines

WUB Hawai’i President: Wes Sakamoto

  • 2004

8h WUB International Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 2005

9th WUB International Conference, Kansai

WUB International participates in International Development Bank in Okinawa and signs agreement with International Chamber of Commerce

WUB East-West Center Scholarship established

  • 2006

4th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival (Taikai), Okinawa

10th WUB International Conference, Peru and 100-year Peru immigration celebration.

  • 2007

10th WUB Anniversary

11th WUB International Conference, Shanghai, China

WUB Hawai’i President: Hiromichi Nago

  • 2008

12th WUB International Conference & 2nd Worldwide Uchinanchu Conference (WUC), São Paulo, Brazil and 100-year Brazil and Argentina immigration celebration

WUB International changes name to WUB Network

  • 2009

13th WUB Network Conference, Los Angeles

  • 2010

14th WUB Network Conference, East-West Center, Honolulu

  • 2011

5th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival (Taikai), Okinawa

15th WUB Network Conference, Okinawa

  • 2012

16th WUB Network Conference, Hong Kong

Bob Nakasone receives Japanese Imperial Decoration: Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays International Youth Conference in Brazil

  • 2013

17th WUB Network Meeting, Tokyo, Japan

  • 2014

18th WUB Network Conference, Bolivia

WUB Network issues Okinawa “Peace Economy” Statement

  • 2015

19th WUB Network Conference, Atlanta

  • 2016

6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival (Taikai), Okinawa

20th WUB Network Conference, Okinawa

New chapter established Atlanta

  • 2017

20th WUB Anniversary

21st WUB Network Conference-Hukilau “Work the Net Together” at EWC, Honolulu